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Buy Meyer Lemons...

America's Pop Culture Lemon - The Choice of Gourmet Chefs 


Wondering where to buy Meyer lemons?  Can't find fresh Meyer lemons where you live?  Then you're exactly in the right place.

If you love fresh lemons (and, of course, almost everyone does), sweet Meyer lemons are the lemons to order.  They're a favorite among gourmet chefs. They make superlative lemonade, soufflés, pastries, lemon tarts and distinctively flavored ice cream.  

Buy sweet Meyer lemons right here at a great value and have these fresh, juicy, delicious lemons delivered right to your door.  Meyer lemons are a favorite among chefs, growers, connoisseurs of fine cuisine and anyone who appreciates exceptional flavor and fresh fragrance.  

Why are Meyer Lemons are so Popular?

Here are just a few reasons why sweet Meyer lemons are so, so popular... 

Fantastic smell and unique taste.
Meyer lemons are not as readily available as regular lemons but if you do see them, be sure to snap them up because their taste is very unique and different from a regular lemon. The Meyer lemon's taste is a cross between a tangerine and a lemon. Its smell is fantastic. (1)

  — Jon Ashton
 Relish Magazine

Sweeter, more aromatic and flavorful.  
Meyers are sweeter, more aromatic and flavorful than ‘regular’ lemons. And their smooth, thin skin is entirely edible, so you can use the whole fruit. (4)

A sweet tartness that gives a kick to everything.
They're so sweet, and yet they have a nice tartness that gives a kick to everything. (9)
— Donia Bijan, Chef-owner
L'Amie Donia Restaurant
Palo Alto, California

Beloved by Chefs
The Meyer lemon is a darling of farmer's markets and beloved by chefs and home cooks. Its aromatic, slightly sweet quality brightens desserts, sauces, salads and roasts.” (3)
Listen to “The Meyer Lemon"

National Public Radio

Best lemon I’ve ever had
I have a Meyer lemon tree in a pot at my house that produces exactly one Meyer lemon a year.  I'm not sure why my tree only produces one lemon, but I can tell you that, honestly, it is the best lemon I've ever had (at least last year's crop). I plan on enjoying my glass of Meyer lemonade next week.  (4)

— Travis Rosenthal, Owner
Tango restaurant
Seattle, Washington

So popular there are Meyer Lemon shortages.
Meyer lemons have become so popular with restaurant chefs and home cooks alike that we suffer periodic shortages. (14)

A cut above.

You can use a Meyer lemon in any recipe that asks for regular lemons, but a  recipe made with a Meyer is just a step above. Make that two steps. (11)

— Donna Tabbert Long
Author and food writer
Minneapolis, Minnesota

A fan ever since adding Meyer lemons to ice cream
Ever since I first used Meyer lemons in my favorite ice cream recipe, I've been an ardent fan. (8)

Once you try them it’s hard not to get hooked.

I don't know many people who have tried [a Meyer lemon] without getting hooked. (10)
A sweet finish with an irresistible flavor
One of my most distinctive memories growing up in California was picking Meyer lemons from my grandmother's tree for whatever she was making that day for dinner.  Until I started my professional career in the culinary arts, I never understood why she always stressed that the Meyer was the best lemon to use.  The Meyer is what one would expect from a regular lemon but with a sweet finish and an irresistible flavor.  Now as a chef, I almost always prefer Meyer lemons.
— Spencer Cole, Chef
Providence, Rhode Island
Meyers are chic.
With less acid and more perfume than regular lemons, Meyers have become this season's chic citrus. (5)

The Boston Herald

A favorite of Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is the fairy godmother of [the Meyer lemon] Cinderella story. . . [The] popularity of Meyer lemons has soared since food and lifestyle maven Stewart began featuring them in recipes, such as her lemon-pine nut tart [and] whole-wheat spaghetti with arugula and pistachios. (3)
Listen to “The Meyer Lemon"

National Public Radio

Incredible demand for them.
We are very bullish on Meyer lemons. We've seen incredible demand for them grow in the last four or five years.  In restaurants now, you won't see a Eureka lemon tart.  But you will see a Meyer lemon tart. (7) 
— Scott McIntyre, owner
McIntyre's Sierra Pacific Farms
Largest producer of Meyer lemons in Southern California

Citrus Angels.
Meyer lemons are the angels of the citrus world. (9)

— Donia Bijan, Chef-owner
L'Amie Donia Restaurant
Palo Alto, California

Flavor without the acid.
Meyer lemons provide lemon flavor without all the acid. (4)

— Chef Amy McCray
Eva Restaurant
Kirkland, Washington

Sweeter, larger and juicier. 
Many chefs go cuckoo over [Meyer Lemons] because they are sweeter, larger and juicier than some other types.’ (6)

No other lemon beats them...
No other lemon beats them in cocktails, ice creams and sauces for fish or chicken. And I adore them in simple vinaigrettes. (12)

Cathy Thomas, Food editor
The Orange County Register

Coveted by citrus lovers.
The Meyer lemon is probably the most coveted by citrus lovers.

Janet K. Keeler
St. Petersburg Times

So beautiful all I could do was admire them. 
Last winter, I returned home from a trip to California with my suitcase stuffed full of Meyer lemons. . . .

I couldn't bear to do anything with the gorgeous [Meyer lemon] fruits except admire them for a couple days. The first afternoon I spent arranging them in still lifes. I took pictures of them. I piled them into my old aluminum colander. 

I set them on the coffee table in the living room so the sunlight fell on them, then I put them in a big milk glass bowl on the kitchen table. If I had any artistic ability, I would have painted them.

— Donna Tabbert Long
Author and food writer
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hard to beat the taste.
Once you've tasted [a Meyer lemon], it's hard to go back to regular lemons. (2)
 — Renee Schettler
The Washington Post

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Melissa's Fresh Meyer Lemons. “5 pounds (5 lbs). of fresh Meyer Lemons.  Standard shipping is second day only.  Seasonal item.”  “Also referred to as cooking lemons and not to be confused with your standard lemons, Meyer Lemons are rounder in shape, have thinner skin and the skin may have an orange blush. Meyer Lemons are a cross between a lemon and an orange. They are a sweet tasting lemon which can be eaten whole including the peel. They have a nice tartness that gives a kick in everything they are used in and are well suited in desserts because of their flavor.”   Wondering where to buy fresh Meyer lemons online.  Place your order to buy Meyer lemons right here.

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Sweet Meyer Lemon Consumer Pack.  
12.5 lbs. of fresh sweet Meyer lemons. “Sweetest lemons around.  Great for baking.”  “[The] sweet Meyer lemon is a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. It has a yellowish-orange skin that is exceptionally smooth and tends to be almost round in shape with a thin skin. The pulp is usually dark yellow, contains less acid and has more juice than a lemon. It has a distinct honeysuckle aroma and a sweet lemony mandarin flavor."


Sweet Meyer lemons are a favorite among gourmet chefs. 


Limoneira's Meyer lemon gourmet gift basket.  "Sweet Meyer lemons are infusing the recipes of today's leading chefs for a reason.  This unique hybrid originated in China has a soft skin that blushes with an orange hue when fully ripe and is very aromatic. Meyers are perfect for soufflés, lemon tarts or garnishing a Moroccan casserole. Our offering includes recipes from some of the country's cutting edge chefs, our lemon zester for great garnishes, and the spigot, an efficient juicer for optimal juice extrusion."  "Healthy snacking. Fresh and delicious.  Grown and harvested in our California orchards for over 100 years."  Buy Meyer lemon gourmet lemon gift basket.

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Sweet Meyer lemon is a favorite among gourmet chefs as it is naturally less tart and great for baking, preserving or making lemonade.” Read customer lemon reviews and ratings.  Click here to buy Meyer lemon. 


Fresh, plump, juicy, fragrant.  


Sweet Meyer Lemon Family Pack.  
20 lbs. of fresh and juicy Meyer lemons.  The sweet Meyer lemon “has a distinct honeysuckle aroma and a sweet lemony mandarin flavor. It is a favorite among gourmet chefs as it is naturally less tart and great for baking, preserving or making lemonade.” Crate. 20 pounds. Read Meyer lemon reviews and ratings by customers.  Order Meyer lemons:  Click here to buy Meyer lemon family pack.

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I could eat one (skin, seeds, and all) like an apple. (9)

— Donia Bijan, Chef-owner
L'Amie Donia Restaurant
Palo Alto, California



Fresh Meyer lemons, Lisbon lemons and Persian limes This gift pack includes 10 premium lemons, 10 Meyer lemons, 12 premium Persian limes, 4 cocktail swizzle sticks, 4 drink umbrellas, and 12 cocktail recipes.  Specially developed to fix healthy beverages using fresh and delicious California citrus grown and harvested in California orchards.  “First, we picked our Limoneira prized Meyer and premium lemons and paired them with our top of the line Persian limes. Next, we mixed in gourmet drink recipes from some of today's hottest bartenders. Finally, our cocktail swizzle sticks and drink umbrellas garnish your creations.”  Lemon gif basket.  Buying Meyer lemons.  Order lemons fresh from the orchard

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“Party Pack includes: 14 oz. of Pistachios, 14 oz. of Almonds, 14 oz. of Cashews, 6 Hass Avocados, 4 Sweet Meyer Lemons, 2 Persian Limes, Chipotle Salsa, 3 Guacamole Seasoning Packs, Football Scoring Grid and Marker, Avocado Scraper, Avocado Ripening Bag and Gourmet Guacamole Recipe.”  Click here to buy Super Bowl Gift Basket.

Sweet Meyer Lemon Gourmet Citrus Fruit Gift Basket.  “When your friends, family or business colleagues open this bountiful gift basket, they will thank you heartily for thinking of them. We have gathered the best from Limoneira Orchards — rich, fresh tastes to warm you from the inside for great holiday entertaining. 

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Large Hass avocados with their creamy, slightly nutty taste are a perfect compliment for hors d’oeuvres and guacamole (we include great Guacamole spice packs!).  Blood oranges with their deep red color and distinct sweetness provide great makings for dramatic juices and cocktails.

Vibrant yellow Lisbon lemons, our Sweet Meyer Lemons and silky Heritage Valley honey provide holiday bakers with great incentive.  Navel oranges, pistachios, almonds, cashews and walnuts offer tempting snacking by the fire. Limoneira has been producing delicious citrus and avocados for over 113 years and Limoneira people know how to grow and pack to bring the best to you.” 

“4 Hass Avocados, 4 Blood Oranges, 4 Premium Lemons, 4 Meyer Lemons, 4 Guacamole Seasoning Packs, 12 oz. jar honey, 8 oz. pistachios, 8 oz. almonds, 8 oz. cashews, 8 oz walnuts, basket.”

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