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Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees...

Meyer Lemons fresh from the tree in your home, garden or apartment...

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. (5 gallon container).  Grafted.

“Meyer lemon trees first offer you fragrant flowers that produce thin skinned, juicy lemons year round. Different than conventional lemons in that the taste is more sweeter, and less acid. Rind is thinner and more orangish in color than typical lemons. Evergreen. Full sun. On dwarf root stock, so will grow to about 6 feet tall, or prune to shape." Makes great tub plant. Shipped in its original 5 gallon nursery container.”

HIGHLY RATED BY CUSTOMERS.  Read customer reviews of this productClick here to order your own Dwarf Meyer lemon tree.

dwarf meyer lemon tree indoors

"Indoors the blossoms will make your house smell good." 

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees

buy dwarf meyer lemon tree

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Fruit Tree. "Sweetly scented flowers are followed by tasty fruit! Medium- sized, fruit year round (move indoors for winter in Northern zones.) Fruit is tangy, juicy and slightly sweet when fully ripe. Potted. Zones 9-10."  Click here to purchase a dwarf Meyer lemon tree for your home.

buy organic meyer lemons

Organic Meyer Lemons.  (10 lbs).  “Biodynamically Cultivated 100% Organic Meyers Lemons. The best of the best lemons for juicing. These fresh picked Meyers Lemons are organic and biodynamically cultivated. Ideal for recipes calling for fresh squeezed lemon juice and/or zest.  Fresh and ripe.”  Click here to place your order to buy organic Meyer lemons.

Fresh Meyer Lemons for Your Home or Apartment


Sweet Meyer lemons are a favorite among gourmet chefs. 


Fresh, plump, juicy, fragrant.  


I could eat one (skin, seeds, and all) like an apple. (9)

— Donia Bijan, Chef-owner
L'Amie Donia Restaurant
Palo Alto, California



(1) Jon Ashton, "Why Meyer Lemons are the King of Lemons and Worth Every Penny," Relish Bites (Lemon-Aid) video, Relish Magazine, June 21, 2007




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